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EduCounting began out of a desire to use what I learned over the years to remove the stigma around money and show how anyone can learn about finance.


I’m Ben Jones and my story begins in Indiana where I grew up with 5 brothers and a sister. My father came off a farm. We didn’t have much but what we did have was a mother who insisted we go to school and get a one of five degrees that offered a certification (MD, JD, CPA, RN or a PE).


Let’s just say my first degree wasn’t exactly a fit and once I pivoted to accounting, that almost didn’t go well either. My teacher was awful. But I thrived in spite of him and swore to help others succeed. And today, I have just a few credentials to my name: CPA, CFA®, CFP® and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 


I started working for Ernst & Young LLP. I was one of the youngest instructors at Becker, which was the most well known CPA review provider. I ranked in the top 5 nationally (out of more than 600). I found my passion for teaching others and helping them achieve financial know-how and freedom, because we should all be able to succeed and learn…at any age.


EduCounting is a place where adults and kids can learn about finance in a way that makes it fun! From videos to podcasts, everything we do is a simple lesson on a particular topic. And at the end, we want you to be able to go out there and feel confident with your financial choices.